About John John has photographed weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions for many years in addition to public relations events for non-profit organizations and local universities. He was a darkroom tenant of The Arlington Center for the Arts for eight years, doing his own black and white work. More recently, John was a volunteer for Boston Chinatown Neighborhood, assisting their Development team. John considers himself to be first and foremost a documentary photographer. He strives to tell a story of an event through his photographs. In addition to photograph work, John earned a Master's degree in Social Work from Boston University and became a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts, primarily working with families. He found creative ways of incorporating photography into his clinical work and he assisted agency development staff in their efforts to publicize programs and services. John's interest in photography and writing lead him to work as a freelance writer and photographer for a large, metropolitan Boston newspaper company. Later, his interest in the Internet and computers lead him to work at several Internet software development companies, where he provided technical support and customer relations services.

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