Scanning & Digitization Our Mission: To provide the highest quality digital images possible in a variety of presentation styles, which can be viewed and enjoyed by our family, friends and colleagues for generations to come. We scan 35 mm color, black & white negatives and slides into digital formats, including TIFF, JPG and other commonly used formats. We can also digitize photographs and media, including flat art and documents up to 8.5” to 11.5”. Please inquire about photographs, album pages and/or artwork larger than these letter-sized dimensions. We recommend scanning images at the highest quality level possible, given storage, display and presentation requirements. Typically, other photo digitization services emphasize speed and low price, which equates to digital scans being made at low resolution and lower image quality. We use professional-grade equipment and we believe high-quality scans are worth the extra time and effort that goes into their production. Standard Slide, Negative and Photograph Services Include: Light Photo Editing (contrast, brightness, sharpening and general image quality). Each imaged is manually corrected by hand. What are some of the things we can and can't do? In general, images scanned from negatives and slides are of higher quality than images scanned from photographs. If your negatives and slides have been stored well and are in good condition, we recommend scanning them directly, rather than scanning the album photographs. Small photographs cannot be enlarged to large images without some loss of image quality. Likewise, "fuzzy" images can only be slightly improved upon after digitization. In other words, the quality of the original has a great impact on the quality of the scanned image. As part of the standard slide, negative and photograph services, we can make minor changes to the digital images to make them more appealing. Additional restoration work can be done on these scanned images, if requested. Scanned and edited images will be made available through a private Google Drive download and will be available online for 3 months. Images can also be delivered on a USB/Flash drive or external hard drive upon request. Image Scanning/Digitization Offerings 35mm Slides 35mm Negatives (Color or Black & White) Photographs, Flat Art & Documents (up to 8.5 - 11) Black and White image availability Photographic Albums Customized slideshows and/or presentations Additional services may be available Instructions for providing scanning materials: Please provide as much specific information as you can about your scanning requirements and project output needs, before we start working on your project. The more information we have from you up front the more likely we are to meet your expectations. It is our goal for you to be 100% satisfied with our work. Scanning options to consider: -Print Scan Resolution: 800 to 1200 dpi is typical for photos, Artwork and other similar media 8 ½ x 11 or smaller in size. -Slide and Negative Resolution: 4000 dpi is most often used for a high-quality setting. Lesser dpi is available. -Organization and Labeling of images. -Presentation (if any) of scanned images, once they have been digitized, which may include: -Digital Slideshow(s) -Album(s) -Customized Photo Books Additional Services to consider: Scanning the text and/or characters writing written on the backs of the photographs/media. (Caution: Please do not write anything on the backs of the originals, as the impression of your handwriting may damage the photograph/artwork, or the ink may transfer to other photographs. We also do not recommend "sticky"-type notes, as they easily slip off the media.) Embedding text and/or characters into scanned images. (See examples) File Metadata/Tagging (This step makes it easier to find specific photos with a keyword search and to be able to group photographs via the search.) Scanned image may be offered in the following ways: 1. Web-ready, low-resolution and small files to email or post on a web/social media site 2. Printing-ready, medium-quality/size files to print from your computer or local/online photo printing service 3. Professional-quality or large file size for publication and/or high quality prints The low-resolution JPG web files can be attached to email messages and are more easily shared with family and friends. The medium-resolution JPG files allow you to make very good prints using inkjet or laser printers and photo-quality paper. The high-resolution files can be submitted to and printed in professional publications. The original Compressed TIFF files can also be provided, but they will require more CD's/DVD's and/or storage space. Can scanning items be shipped to us? A: Yes, so long as your media is carefully packed to insure that no damage occurs during shipping. We will only accept materials that have delivery tracking information. We will make sure delivery tracking information is available, when digitization materials are being returned. We may also be able to travel to local destinations to assist with project requirements. Video conferencing is also an option via Skype or Zoom to discuss projects. If you plan to deliver your slides, negatives or pictures to us, please package everything very securely before you go out the door, as these valuable items can potentially become damaged, while in transit. We handle your media with the greatest of care. It is our policy to return your media to you in the exact same condition in which it was received by us. Materials that have been copyrighted: We will not scan copyrighted photographs or documents without the written permission of the copyright holder. If your original image has a copyright symbol, it is your responsibility to obtain a Release Waiver signed by the copyright holder allowing the original to be reproduced. The Release Waiver must accompany any copyrighted original that you wish to have digitized. If the copyright holder is either no longer in business or cannot be located, please provide your signed statement indicating that you are unable to locate the copyright holder and that you will be solely responsible for the images to be reproduced. We will not be responsible for copyright infringement. Privacy Policy We do not share your information or images with anyone without your permission. We keep backup copies of your images for one year, in case your images are lost for any reason.


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